German Masonic Park is open and available for rent on a first come first serve basis. The seasonal opening is the first weekend in May (weather permitting) and the last days of operation is generally the third weekend in October. There is limited lighting in the park. The parks hours are from Dawn to Dusk. If your events hours will go beyond the seasonal Dusk official close, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE THE PROPER LIGHTING FOR YOUR GUESTS.

Upon submitting this application, you will be contacted to review details and prices, and if agreed to you will receive a copy of the contract with full Terms & Conditions. Upon submission of your executed contract, deposit and supporting documents your event will be booked pending any local or state ordinance fulfillment (permits where required) by the Renter. Your deposit(s) will be returned in full if you cannot obtain the proper permits (see contract for our cancelation policy). 

LIABILITY INSURANCE, Damage coverages and in some cases Liquor Liability proof of coverage may be required in amounts determined by the building and facility use agreement (contract).

You are responsible for inspecting the facility to be used and you have independently determined that it is suitable and safe for your purposes, and you accept the facility in an AS IS condition. We are not responsible to provide any special equipment or personnel unless the same has been specifically agreed within your contract, and the specific related terms for the special equipment or personnel have been agreed to in writing.